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Digital "G" - experiential notes conducting spiritual work online

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4 KJV

Conducting spiritual work online, through the digital medium of the internet, is often criticised as not being 'authentic transmission' because of a lack of physical (face-to-face) interaction. While there are some clear limitations on its physicality in relation to spiritual transmission, it does possess some very interesting energetic characteristics.

  • The degree of sustained contact between one's attention and the organic sensations of the body produces the coherence and strength of Presence.

  • The degree of contact between one's presence and the deep desires of the heart produces the force of Being.

  • The degree of contact between one's Being and the understanding towards enabling the desire of the heart produces the power of Vision.


Experiential Notes when conducting Video-Conferences (such as Zoom meetings) for spiritual work:

  • If there is sufficient force of feeling, inculcated through remorse or humble worship, focussed through a sensitised body, a quality of energy can be transmitted to all participants irrespective of a separation in space.

  • An amplification of the organic sensations of the body acts like a 'lens' for this quality to direct the seeker's questions and the orientation of feelings.

  • Subtle movements, facial expressions or tones of voice provide greater 'vibrational' material as they are the locus of online interaction.

  • The subtle energies are greatly amplified and subject to greater volatility through the digital medium. A finer and more embracive attention is needed to support 'containment' within a meeting, otherwise, group dynamics quickly loose coherence and sink into coarser energetic levels.

  • Enhanced perceptual skills, such as those developed by remote viewing, become more evident as the physicality of the body is less dominant.

  • The combination of attention, sensation and feeling provides a 'field of action' that is not restricted by spatial (or even temporal) considerations when conducting meetings across the world. This field of action is a 'resource' for the group's spiritual work.

  • Because of their likeness, 'digital space' and 'consciousness space' have correspondence, though need anchoring (embodiment through grounded sensation) to allow effective navigation of affective relationships.


Because the Kesdjan or Astral Body (the middle-part of the Soul) is developed from some kind of coherent electromagnetic phenomena penetrating the physical body, the digital world of the internet, by default, becomes an extension of it - a prosthetic of the Soul. The implications are staggering.



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