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Bioelectromagnetism and Soul Creation

The body's soft and hard-tissues, especially connective tissue (such as bones, tendons, blood), intrinsically generate and communicate bioelectromagnetic energy and, in turn, are influenced by extrinsic sources of electromagnetism. As a result, there are many medical technologies that use different bioelectromagnetic characteristics to affect the human organism (such as TENS, MRI).

The impact of bioelectromagnetic energy on Soul creation is that it is an instrument to connect and direct the marco/micro-molecular structures and chemistry of the body through the properties of consciousness and sub-consciousness.

What is Electromagnetism?

Despite an enormous volume of scientific research and technological applications during the last 200 years, the 'nature' of electromagnetism is no closer to being known.

However, simply, electromagnetic energy is the spectrum of 'light' - electrical and magnetic aspects that 'vibrate' at specific frequencies within defined amplitudes and wavelengths. That is, electromagnetic activity is a concentration and dispersion of a certain vibration, intensity and periodicity of 'something' in space and time.

We never observe 'light' directly as it belongs to another dimension. All we can observe is its 'interactions' with our reality.

Because of its polarized nature (there are north and south magnetic poles and positive and negative electrical charges accompanying every electromagnetic event) electromagnetic energy causes a 'gradient' of movement. That is, the intensity of polarization 'directs' the movement of matter's material flow.

For example, electrical voltage denotes the direction of potential movement of 'electrons', while electrical current describes the intensity and quantity of that movement. This is analogous to water flowing in a river, i.e., it has a definite path and current strength for its movement, flowing from point 'A' to point 'B'.

Another example is the experiment with iron filings generating a pattern on a piece of paper from a magnetic field underneath. Regardless of whether the iron filings are present or not, the 'magnetic' pattern remains. It is only the interaction of the iron fillings with the magnetic field that makes it manifest (visible). This is analogous to the pattern in which water can flow in a river, i.e., the shape of the river bed is the hidden force directing the pattern of material flow.

Bioelectromagnetic Energy

At a certain level, all life appears to be bathed in an ocean of electromagnetic activity, and all critical life processes are mediated by it. For example, the polarized characteristics of electromagnetism allows a high degree of complex interaction through the organized pattern and structure of cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, the biosphere and so on.

It is interesting to note that the 'fields-of-force', such as electromagnetic and gravitational, permeate and mutually interpenetrate throughout space. That is, all electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena existing anywhere at anytime influence all other existing phenomena. Literally, the electromagnetic field, generated by a single organism, radiates everywhere, potentially influencing every other living organism.

The piezoelectric, holographic and fractal effects of electromagnetic properties are examples of their influence on biological organisms.


All tissues, especially connective tissue, possess piezoelectric properties, i.e., tissue deformation generates electromagnetic energy, and electromagnetic stimulation generates tissue deformation. It is this property, among others, that aids healing and regeneration of tissue.

Any manipulation of soft- and hard-tissue alters the bioelectromagnetic properties of the tissue in question. For example, this is naturally used in bone remodeling, where gravitation and body movement influence piezoelectric properties of tissue, stimulating healing.

In a therapeutic setting (such as massage), the therapist themselves are a source of bioelectromagnetic energy. The application of any body part of the therapist, making contact or not, with any body part of the patient influences the bioelectromagnetic pattern of both. The therapist is an instrument and receiver of bioelectromagnetic energy.

Fractal Effects

Throughout the universe, fractal effects are seen in everything, and are recognized by a 'reiterative pattern', i.e., regardless of the magnitude, there is a similar pattern repeated on every scale.

For example, the specific interaction of atoms give rise to molecules, molecules give rise to cells, cells give rise to tissues, tissues give rise to organs, organs give rise to organ systems, organ systems give rise to organisms, and so on.

Bioelectromagnetism appears to have a similar property because regardless of what scale, from Stars to atoms, the same basic electrical and magnetic properties are resonant.

Holographic Effects

Holographic effects are recognized by the 'parts containing the whole'. For example, DNA is fully present in every cell, with each cell containing the genetic map of the whole organism. Electromagnetically, what occurs in one part of the organism is transmitted to all parts (at the speed of light). Thus, every part of the body contains the 'information' of every other part.

There seems to be a mutual electromagnetic pattern or signature generated with every psychophysical event throughout the organism. These patterns, or 'states of mind-body' can be harmonious or disharmonious, reflected in every anatomical, functional or psychological state.

Human Bioelectromagnetism

If we examine organism function, with respect to electromagnetic properties, several characteristic operations are evident.

For example, 'polarity' is set-up between and across cells, tissues and organs. This allows different degrees of material flow or movement guided under an electromagnetic gradient. That is, chemical reactions occurring in the body are supplied their electromagnetic pattern for manifestation.

Skin and viscera, sensory and motor nerves, and the central and peripheral nervous systems are just some anatomical areas that set-up distinct polarity for the movement of electromagnetic energy to initiate body motion, and consequently, reciprocally influence each other.

The nervous system concentrates electromagnetic energy to specific locations of the body. Blood and the cardiovascular system are the best and most powerful conductors and transmitters of electromagnetic energy. It is blood, the slow flowing connective tissue, which appears to be the key 'medium' of activities of the body.

It is interesting to note that in order for polarity to exist in electromagnetic phenomena, 'something' must perform the action of separating the magnetic poles and electrical charges, and also sustain them. If there were nothing intervening to separate or polarize electromagnetic energy, there would be no electromagnetic gradient for physiological interaction and movement.

Consequently, without the appropriate intensity of electromagnetic activity, the organism becomes equilibrated and all physiological processes cease, or death occurs. This 'something' that allows polarization belongs to the 'subtle', 'hidden' or 'vital' energies.

Electromagnetic properties of the human organism suggest that, in order to maintain balance and therefore health, electromagnetic activity must be 'uninterrupted'. Otherwise, like a river, the flow may stagnate, pool or become erratic.

Any area of impeded flow of electromagnetic activity will manifest superficially (i.e., change of flow patterns around the skin), or deep (i.e., change of function in organs and tissues), and vice versa. These views shed light on many interesting patterns of correlation among anatomical and functional characteristics of life processes.


When one looks at an Acupuncture chart, displaying the patterns of meridians and points, there is a striking correlation between these patterns and the location of many of the sensory and motor nerve pathways. This suggests that a polarity field, generated by corresponding sensory and motor nerves throughout the body, may define an 'electromagnetic anatomy' of the acupuncture system.

Langer’s Lines

The hypodermal (fascia) patterns of connective tissue displayed in Langer’s Lines are very similar to dermatome and myotome morphologies. It suggests that fascial patterns may be a material manifestation of piezoelectric effects radiating throughout the body. That is, because all connective tissue is interconnected, transforming energy (force) through matter (structure), it transmits, translates and communicates the 'energy of movement into a pattern of structure', and vice versa.

Tension Morphologies

An examination of Myofascial Trigger Points, and their resulting referred pain patterns, nerve penetration patterns of muscle, and fascial tension morphologies, with respect to movement reveal common 'hot-spots' in the neuromusculoskeletal system.

It suggests that the morphology (the anatomy) of a body region corresponds to distinct patterns of function of organs and tissues, and vice versa. Anatomy governs function and function governs anatomy.


The fractal and holographic properties of organisms can be extended to a psychophysical perspective demonstrating similar 'patterns of mind' as there are 'patterns of body' (somatotype and constitutional psychology).

Much research has been done to explore the psychosomatic effects of intellectual, emotional and physical development in relation to human potential. What is most evident, is that the psychological and physical spheres of life mutually interpenetrate. Mind and body depend on one another.

The parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, distributed over the body, have the capacity, by themselves, to harmonize or disharmonize physical activity. They are the nodal points communicating different qualities of energy that affect numerous life processes.

Overall, our inner life is expressed physiologically, and physiologically we express our inner life. The anatomy of the physical should be assessed in relation to the anatomy of the psychological.

Bioelectromagnetism and Soul Creation

Electromagnetic properties of the body offer a way to understand more deeply the subtle interconnection between anatomy and function, and the bioenergetic systems that allow anatomy and function to reciprocally work together in the lower part of the Soul.

Bioelectromagnetic energy - mediated through the properties of 'light' - connects the marco/micro-molecular structures and chemistry of the body to our consciousness and sub-consciousness to support the development of the middle part of the Soul.

Our consciousness, through the instrumental 'effort' of intention, attention and sensation - the experienced 'inner vibrations' of light - can direct bodily processes through the medium of bioelectromagnetism.

Our bioelectromagnetic nature forms the infrastructure of Soul creation as it is a concrete link between the material and spiritual worlds.

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