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Why the Soul?

The question of the ‘Soul’ is controversial because of its far-reaching consequences. The implications that the way we live this life impacts what comes after death are incalculable.


Throughout history the existence of the Soul has been affirmed by some and denied by others - with the evidence equally rejected or validated by each side.


Affirmation that we are born with an ‘immortal’ Soul contradicts the imperative for a life based on moral discipline to develop it. For why make such efforts to obtain a Soul if you already have one? 

Denial of the Soul, or its immortality, undermines the value of any human activity that strives to go beyond fulfilling its basic survival instincts. For why undertake such activity if there is no need to do so?


If the Soul and its immortality does exist, its verification must be sought within the ‘inner world’ - that is, those perceptual dimensions accessible only by our own consciousness. This is because the ‘outer world’ - that is, those perceptual dimensions potentially accessible to every consciousness - is verifiably perishable. 


If the world obeys natural laws, then the Soul must also. In this context, we are neither born with a Soul nor denied its possibility. 


The unrealized destiny of every human life to grow beyond itself must only be matched by the hazard of finding its place in a reality immeasurably different to the one it can know by the senses alone. If this reasoning is accepted, then the true purpose of human life is revealed. For what human endeavour could be more important than the endeavour of being fully human?

About the Author

Raised as a Christian in a small country community in southern Australia, I also spent some of my early years living on an outback Cattle Station with genuine indigenous tribes of northern Australia. 

Post-graduate research and publications were acquired during university studies specialising in applied human biomedical science and physical education, as well as pursuit of diverse interests in philosophy, religion and art - ultimately drawing me to Gurdjieff’s system where I have been a practitioner working with groups and individuals from around Australia and the world since 2000. 

The deep exposure to the Work and other traditions provided a fundamental renewal of my Christian roots and a perspective on Christ, the church and worship that is intimately connected to Gurdjieff’s practices and ideas, and the unfolding of life on Earth.

I do not claim to have any special knowledge or qualification that cannot be sought through prolonged and diligent effort. However, my own experiences and search dictates that something of the incredible value I have received is passed on that may be of help to others. This blogsite (linked to the Gurdjieff Network) is but one attempt to honour that calling.

I welcome correspondence and engagement with genuine seekers - that is, those who dedicate their lives to the physical transformation of their Being, no matter where that leads, and not those who just endlessly like to talk about it.

God Bless.


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