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Vessel of the Soul - anatomy of the Being Body Kesdjan

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Experiential notes:

  • The gradual expansion and deepening of the contact with the 'organic sensations of the body' through an active and free attention gives birth to the Being-body Kesdjan. It provides a structural coherency - an ‘anatomy of consciousness’ - for other Kesdjan-Body properties to appear.

  • Initial preparation for progressive immersion of sensation is a disciplined relaxation of the body when still, then, in movement under all conditions.

  • Parallel preparation is disciplined and progressive relaxation of the energy of feelings and mind, providing containment within the body.

  • Grounded sensation anchors and opens the attention to envelope the body, embracing every cell and laying the foundations for the growth of a second body - a body of sensation - a vessel for the soul.

  • The growth of the second body can sometimes elicit strange, even painful sensations as the physical body adjusts and adapts to its new inhabitant.

  • There is a reciprocal relationship with free attention and a global, balanced and sustained sensation of the body - the greater the ‘self-sensation,’ the greater the aperture of free attention. Habitual associations can abate, and a space, a membrane between this life and another is created where true choice becomes possible.

  • The growth of a stable sensation supports the refinement of the ‘organs’ of perception to ‘ingest’ impressions and better differentiate between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ - a step towards the first liberation that all spiritual traditions speak of.

  • The new perceptions that can arise belong to the domain of ‘extra-sensory’ perception, though they may extend far beyond what this normally means.

  • A directed attention to connect with the sensations of the body allows a natural reconciliation, a healing of bodily areas afflicted by unnecessary tensions and ailments.

  • The growth of a sustained, free attention supports the ‘digestion’ and ‘elimination’ of energies, balancing and consolidating 'Being'.

  • Hanbledzoin - the blood of the Kesdjan Body - cultivated through actualizing intentional being efforts, is the physiology - the cardiovascular system - of the Higher Being Bodies.

  • When this anatomy and physiology is firmly established, a true ‘vessel’ can form to usher in the entry of an entirely new feeling.


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