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The Law of Three - "Being in Relationship"

Gurdjieff's 'Law of Three' (or Law of Triamazikamno) refers to the three fundamental forces or energies - affirmation, resistance and reconciliation - that are involved in every situation (or event) that 'relates' that situation to itself and every other.

These forces are evident in physical processes, from biological enzymes to the workings of the subatomic world. The Law of Three is everywhere at every scale.

However, it is the experience of this Law that is unique for Soul creation as it defines 'Being in Relationship' - how my parts relate to the whole, and vice versa.

In work on oneself, I need to 'see' and 'feel' and 'sense' the forces of affirmation (when I initiate something), resistance (when I deny something) and reconciliation (when something is neutralised or harmonised in me), and how each force relates to each other in experience.

I also need to 'taste' these forces through each functional center (intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive and sex) of the lower part of the Soul, and the higher centers (higher intellectual and higher emotional) of the middle and higher parts of the Soul.

For example, as soon as I intellectually 'initiate' an action like walking, my body may 'resist' (particularly if it is tired). But if my walking is a means to get to somewhere or to someone important to me, my feelings can enter to 'reconcile' the opposing forces moving through the intellect and body, and supply a different quality of energy needed to complete my intention. If a feeling doesn't enter into this situation, my mind and body simply war with each other, draining vital reserves.


At moments, the affirmation of the 'pure' intelligence of the higher part of the Soul may reach the 'passions' of the lower functional centers that naturally deny anything but themselves. Here, I may be torn between my good and evil actions, between my poor behaviour and how I should have acted. If the force of the higher part of the Soul is sufficient, I may feel 'remorse' to reconcile the carnal manifestations of my lower nature and raise my level of Being - to reach a new understanding. If the force of my lower nature is stronger, remorse is quickly extinguished and all my manifestations, no matter how grotesque, are justified. The Law of Three becomes a law of choice.


The Law of Three also extends beyond myself to groups or communities where the 'initiators', the 'deniers or blockers', and the 'reconcilers' are more easily identifiable. Yet, the forces at play are the same, with their difference lying only in scale.

If we can understand, sense and respond to the three forces constantly flowing through us - keeping them balanced at every moment - we can become a 'law unto ourselves.'


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