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The Law of Seven - "Being in Vibration"

Much as been written of Gurdjieff's 'Law of Seven' (or Law of the Octave, or Law of Heptaparaparshinokh, or Law of Ninefoldness) to the natural world such as the musical scale, the electromagnetic spectrum, DNA or space-time geometry - but little on its experience.

There is a correspondence, or reflection between the outer and inner worlds. To the inner world - the inner octaves - one aspect of the Law of Seven translates to 'Being in Vibration'.

In a sense, I need to experience the vibrations within - smelling their odour, savouring their taste, listening for their sounds and watching out of the corner of my eye for their hues, colours and tints - for vibrations must be visceral.

Then, and only then, will this law become real for me as I begin to see objective laws in operation both within myself and in the world around me - like seeing the effects of gravity and simultaneously feeling its force when I move.

In the beginning of self-study, there are discernable vibrations in one's experience of the process of an 'activity' in relation to the Law of Seven:

Initiated dissipation - whenever any activity is initiated (Gurdjieff's notes of the octave "Do, Re, Mi"), there is an energy that carries it so far. But at some point, energy is lost or dissipated - I lose motivation to continue. If I don't find a way to help myself, the activity dies a quick death.

Borrowed help - motivation can be reinvigorated by co-opting something from outside (through the "Mi-Fa" interval) - by reading or listening to something inspirational, working with someone else or simply taking a break to recuperate and then trying again. The point is that I realise I cannot go in a straight line - help is needed to get over this 'hump' - and I action it.

Self-losing - at some point, normally half-way through the activity (the note "Sol"), a sense of 'self-loss' enters. I understand that I do not know (or at least I am uncertain) how to continue, but I can't turn back either. Self-doubt takes hold as I am at 'sixes and sevens'. Bravery, and sheer determination to move into the unknown - to take risks - is needed to move past this.

Renewed energy - after passing through the previous stage, something opens up. I see the possibility of an end in sight - I get 'white-line-fever' as fresh energy pours in. I'm almost there (note "La").

Satisfaction - as I approach the end, all of the inner efforts needed in the previous stages now culminate - 'coming together' - to complete the actualisation of the activity - this is the taste of 'genuine satisfaction' (the "Si-Do" interval).

No matter how big or small the activity - from baking a cake to governing a country - these initial vibrations are evident and require similar responses to ensure that the activity's objective stays on track and doesn't go off the rails.

If I am unable to sense these energetic vibrations in myself as I move through an activity, and understand what needs to be done to effectually progress to the next note, it is guaranteed that my initial intentions turn into their own opposite. Life is nothing short of perpetual hazardousness.

How easy it is for love to turn into hate, for kindness into cruelty, for passion into depression, and, ultimately, for life into death when 'I AM' not there to meet it.


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