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Soul creation as a conduit for the 'Spiritualization of Existence'

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We are made in the image of God. That is, the difference between humans and the divine lies only in scale. To understand this is to enter into the world with humble awe.

Like all reciprocal processes, the development of a fully formed or partially formed Soul must serve an existential (objective) need as well as an essential (subjective) one.

Ultimately, the formation of a Soul ensures that the requisite quantities of the qualities of energy needed to maintain or increase the consciousness of life on Earth are constantly enabled.

A created Soul, therefore, is not an intellectual exercise, but an organic transformation at the physiological level.

The human body is effectively 're-purposed' from a planetary survival machine to a container of higher energies capable of connecting to a deeper reality that can feed the one we materially occupy.

Without this constant movement of energies, without a critical mass of people who can dedicate their lives to such a mission, not only would all life on Earth cease, but all cosmic processes as well.

The 'Tree of Life' or the 'River of Life' are symbols that represent a cosmic need for the source to sustain every part of the universe through a constant flow of nutrients. Consciousness is no exception.


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