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Sex and Soul Creation

Updated: May 16, 2021

The creative energy (Gurdjieff's "Exioëhary") behind sex is the same that is behind the powers of attention, sensation and imagery. It is a potent force, and is just as critical for Soul creation as it is for procreation - it is the veritable 'prime-mover' of life.


The sexual act (or more specifically the 'orgasm'), like the 'high' from psychoactive drugs or the 'rush' from thrill-seeking, is the closest thing to a mystical experience many people ever have. It may explain our fascination and/or addiction with these activities in a modern culture deprived of normal spiritual sustenance.


If the lower part of the Soul (the body), including the secretion of thoughts and the reactions of emotions, are not balanced and integrated - that is 'harmonized' - the power of the creative energy cannot properly 'work in us'.

This working of the creative energy includes the spontaneous and direct insight into the nature of the activity we are involved in that cannot come via any other means. We simply 'see' what is needed - it is akin to 'revelation' and 'prophesy', albeit, at different scales.

Mystically, the sacredness of the sexual act should not be taken sentimentally. Its true meaning lies in calling us to consciously use the creative energy economically and not waste what precious little we have.

If there is too much malalignment in the lower part of the Soul, the movement of the creative energy often results in volatility, vehemence and even violence through the organism. While these 'explosive' or 'compulsive' results can display creative elements because of the liberation of creative energy through the process, overtime, they can be very harmful.


The iconic 'tormented artist', whose life ends in tragedy, is glamorized as the pathway to true creativity. The only tragedy, however, is the misunderstanding of the creative energy in creativity.


For Soul creation, it is necessary that a long period of inner work is undertaken to 'prepare' the way for the creative energy to work properly in us. Attention, images and sensation must be strengthened, balanced and integrated - the contents of our consciousness cultivated like a well cared for garden.

When the lower part of the Soul becomes more harmonized and is 'in relationship' to the middle part of the Soul, the creative energy can establish a stable connection and so 'orient' the lower energies. From here, the 'crystallization' process of the Soul can begin under the direction of appropriate self-efforts. Later, further crystallization can only occur under the direction of efforts not up to us.


If one excludes the physiological component of the 'sexual orgasm', a fundamental experience becomes evident - I AM both 'completely myself' and 'nothing at all', simultaneously. This experience of dissolution and togetherness is a momentary liberation of creative energy and a prelude to the potential of a fully formed Soul that no longer recognizes its isolation as a limitation, but a necessity in its development for an inevitable return to a limitless source.



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