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Celestial experience - the mysticism of work

If human beings are made in the 'image of God', then that image should be discernable at different scales and dimensions. We are, like everything else, composed of the very laws that govern the universe.

For those pursuing Soul formation, the essential, inner octaves of spiritual work reflect the existential, outer octaves of manifestation, and vice versa. It seems that the genuine seeker moves through a fractal journey where the finite and infinite meet, where the hidden and the seen come together.

In this sense, there is an experiential resonance with the functions of the cosmos. The life of the celestial bodies can be felt within the realm of consciousness if I am open to working towards it. This correlation can be expressed simply:

  • The Moon (Lunar) - The experience of energy 'descending', falling to the bottom of an heavy abyss where I am identified and consumed with what's immediately in front of me - I am a prisoner of a limited associative existence. The world of negative emotions and delusions dominate where, as Christ indicates, there is 'weeping and gnashing of teeth'. 'Hell' in the objective sense.

  • The Earth (Planetary) - This experience encompasses the organic 'visceral' sensations of the body that come in contact with consciousness, enlivening existence with the potency of all the senses. At this moment, we are a true creature of Mother Nature - alive and receptive.

  • The Sun (Solar) - This experience is only as the result of conscious work that prepares the way for an 'illumination of consciousness' - a seeing beyond the material of intellectual observation to include more of my Being. Here is the beginning of the sense of 'I', the sense that 'I AM' not my body.

  • The Milky Way (Galactic) - This is beyond the limits of normal consciousness, beyond illumination - a clear experience of 'crossing over' the rim of life and not seeing where I am going but knowing that I have been somewhere when I return. The source of 'Attention' - that creative energy that supports the 'Will'.


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