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Sensing the Unseen: developing conscious sensations bridge the digital and spiritual realms

Whether consciously acknowledged or not, we find ourselves increasingly enveloped by the expansive digital landscape—a realm pulsating with electromagnetic energy coursing through the intricate web of global infrastructure and wireless technology. Within this vast expanse, our physical bodies, alongside the more subtle layers of Soul, must navigate the currents of this electromagnetic ocean—a phenomenon both mysterious and unparalleled in human history.

Delving into the study of electromagnetic energy unveils its intricacies, confounding even the most seasoned observers with its properties that defy conventional understanding. Can we, in our quest for deeper wisdom and transformation, begin to perceive the subtle vibrations of this energy within ourselves?

In contemplating our relationship with this digital sphere, we are prompted to ponder: Can the vast expanse of the internet serve as a source of empowerment for our spiritual journey, like a dynamo generating vitality, rather than draining us like a battery? These questions beckon us to explore the transformative potential inherent in our digital age, inviting us to reframe our interaction with technology as a catalyst for Soul growth and enrichment.

Central to this exploration are the Gurdjieffian practices of "sensing the body" that deepen the "quality of embrace" of that unique faculty of human consciousness called "attention"—an essential key to unlocking the symbiotic relationship between the digital and spiritual realms.

By honing our ability to intentionally sustain a conscious connection with the organic sensations of our entire body, we create a "perceptual opening" to the subconscious realm, facilitating a relationship of deeper communication and fostering a "force of presence" through a collected state of being that acts as an energetic conduit to the digital world. This ability takes time to develop and requires a total engagement of the intellect, feelings and body that is brought to bear through our attention firmly committed to a new vision of reality.


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