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Four Phases of Spiritual Group Work

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

The objective of Group work is to connect and generate, and accumulate and distribute the necessary 'qualities of energy' for use in Soul creation. Without this, a spiritual group is no more than a social club.

There are four essential phases of work in a spiritual group. While the phases can be 'discrete', they are often a spectrum, overlapping each other, or working in parallel:

1. Entering a Group

What is most important when first entering a spiritual group is 'openness to learning'. This seems obvious but, for many, it is the biggest barrier.

In the age of the 'spiritual marketplace', many people enter a Group already thinking they know what group work is. Their expectations, biases and prejudices - all their 'baggage' - are often insurmountable to allow true openness, and a readiness to learn.

This is why a long period of preparation is needed to come to a place 'inside' where there is an acknowledgement that 'I need help', and more importantly, that that help is ready to be received, before contemplating entering a group.

However, this does not mean that I blindly follow. I need to learn to rely on 'discrimination' as to whether the Group is genuine and 'right' for me. This is why an assessment, within a definite period of time (normally 6-12 months), should be made as to whether to continue with the Group or move on.


One of the most difficult things to learn on entering a Group is that the 'inner and outer principles' of Group work are often diametrically opposite, and in so doing, mutually support one another.


2. Applying one's understanding in Group work

After a long period of learning, combined with one's own discriminations, a gradual understanding can emerge regarding the essentials of Group work. Though learning never stops, one has enough material to apply what has been learned so far.

In this phase, 'determination' is needed as understanding must be applied repeatedly to defined objectives (such as projects, events, activities) to refine inner perceptions and skills, and knowledge of the 'energies at play'.

In the previous phase, someone learning what it means to work in a Group does not (and often cannot) bare the consequences of their ill-informed actions, and so, this 'suffering' must be borne by others.

However, applying one's understanding in Group work is 'risky' as it requires 'choices' to be made, and enduring the consequences of those choices. In this phase, one learns to understand what it means to be responsible - that is, acquiring the ability to respond to the energies at work.


One of the most difficult things to understand is that ameliorating 'risks' in Group work is often resolved by taking on more risk.


3. Supporting the Group work of others

In this phase, learning and understanding can integrate with insight and intuition in ways not possible with the first two phases.

The work of supporting others in applying their understanding to Group work requires an innate wisdom (a reliance on 'conscience') that can only be developed by long years of study, in correspondence to the developing middle and higher parts of the Soul.


One of the most difficult things to undertake in supporting the Group work of others is the skill of placing yourself in their shoes, and the courage to do what is needed, rather than what is wanted.


4. Applying Group work in life

This is the most difficult phase because, unlike the earlier phases, working with people and Groups of people in ordinary life that have very different, or no interest in Soul creation, is exceptionally challenging.

Working with others in life is not about proselytizing (preaching) Soul creation or any religious affiliation, discipline or spiritual pursuit, as this is all 'external'.

What is needed is an 'inner work' that no one sees or hears that makes all the difference in the working relationships within and between Groups and people. It is all done 'behind the scenes'.


One of the most difficult things to undertake in applying Group work in life is that it is quiet, unseen, unrewarded and unacknowledged by those who receive its benefits. Nonetheless, without it, the 'spiritualization of existence', the 'blessings to the world', the 'flow of the living waters' - the growing of the 'Tree of Life' - would simply be impossible.



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