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Warning - Why are you here?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You are here because you have a question that will not leave you alone. You don't know why it doesn't leave you alone, but you know that you can't avoid it. While this causes you suffering, in reality, it is a great blessing.

What happens to us after death is equally as important as what happened to us before we were born, and what happens to us during life. If there is anything that can respond to these questions, it can only be found within the inner world - the world of the Soul.

Debating the existence of the Soul is pointless, and serves only to muddy waters or entertain fantasies. Only direct experience can validate the search for the Soul and anchor it in methods that are able to crystallize an inner force that cannot be destroyed.

Soul creation is both a solitary and community enterprise. While no one can do your work for you, working with others is indispensable in verifying essential experiences along the way.

For those that feel a deeper need, and drawn towards a purpose worthy of a human being, Soul creation is, by nature, hazardous. At times, it is outright dangerous. But its acquisition and subsequent harmonized mode of action is beyond measure, giving something that nothing else can give.


Think carefully and feel fully before entering into the unknown. Once committed, it is difficult, almost impossible, to turn back.


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