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Women and Men - a relationship beyond measure

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

In the face of a superior force or intelligence, every phenomena of the universe intrinsically submits. Yet we humans must truly be unnatural creations as we refuse to submit to anything, despite the overwhelming evidence of our own impotence.

Cosmically, women have been granted the gift of being the predominate carriers of the 'receptive' principle - a principle that is able to organically relate to higher influences and reflect those qualities in action, often through nurturing and support.

In this context, women are naturally capable of divine connection. History, scripture and myth are strewn with their examples of mediumship and intuitive intelligence to guide humankind for what is needed, when it is needed.


The women of the Bible played more significant roles in the unfolding of the spiritual drama than men - though it was men that were more visible. It was, for example, always the women, and not the male disciples, who first witnessed, understood and supported the Christ for what he was, what he did, and what he meant.


In a similar vein to women, men have been inculcated as the predominate carriers of the 'affirming' principle - a principle that is able to initiate and sustain a directive action, often through the force of activity.

In this context, application of affirmative action can be very powerful. However, it is a precarious situation because, without a connection to a higher source with which to affirm, men are only left to affirm themselves.


There have been many 'Holy Men' who have radically changed the course of history, but many, many more 'bloodthirsty conquerors'. Without superior guidance, support and deep wisdom, no man has the strength to turn their affirming principle into anything other than tyrannical.


In the work of Soul Creation, men and women of all ages have the potential to affirm and receive each others' principles of affirmation and receptivity, providing a relationship of mutual balancing - a true union beyond any temporal, spatial, social or biological connection.

If we could see each other as critically important to our own Soul creation, something could change for us - our relationships could take on new dimensions, not just between the sexes but within them.

In the old days it was said that a man could only become a 'man' if a woman could become a 'woman'; and a woman could only become a 'woman' if a man could become a 'man'.


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