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What is 'effort'?

The foundation of human transformation is the ability to make 'efforts'. Without effort, nothing happens.

Effort is commonly defined, more or less, as a 'conscious exertion of power' - differentiated as an effective force as distinguished from the possible resistance called into action by such a force. Essentially, effort is hard work.


I must be conscious of making an effort as well as have the ability to exert the power of effort. Conscious effort making seems straightforward - Am I aware of doing it? But What is this exertion of power? How do I exert, and where does this power arise? Herein lies the mystery to Soul Creation.


Conscious efforts must come from a source beyond the physical body. If conscious efforts were simply a construct of neurophysiological processes, efforts would be 'relatively easy' as a product of fast and efficient electrochemical reactions. The fact that making a conscious effort is difficult, particularly if it is sustained, implies that more than neurophysiology is at work.

A prerequisite of making a conscious effort is the supply of 'Attention' - the energy associated with the 'Will'. The availability of Attention makes 'willing' (the capacity to respond rather than react - to make a conscious choice) possible.

However, 'Intention' - the clarity of image or aim associated with attentive willing - is the instrument to channel the power of effort from its source, and 'Sensation' - the energy associated with the extension of Attention and Intention into the consciousness field of the body - is the instrument to coordinate the power of effort into the physical functions (thought, feeling, movement, etc).

What is the source of the power of efforts if it comes from beyond the physical body? To understand this, I must first understand, through direct experience, the nature of my own Attention, Intention and Sensation.


The degree of power that can be exerted in making an effort is a function of the degree of power of Attention with the requisite clarity of Intention and force of Sensation. Effort, then, is paying in advance for what we need now, and points to the purpose of cosmic operations and the plan of the Creator.



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