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'Free Will' and Soul Creation

The debate on whether humans have 'Free Will' is long and illustrious as it impacts on ideas of God, morality and the problems of good and evil.

For Soul Creation, the debate is misguided. It is not whether we have Free Will or not, but whether we have its possibility.

In essence, Free Will requires that part of my 'Will' is 'Free' to choose. As Attention is associated with the energy of Will, the more free (or surplus) Attention I have, the greater the opportunity that part of my Will is available to be used for making 'real choices' - that is, the ability to respond rather than react.

If I have no free or surplus Attention, my 'Will' is simply trapped inside my complex mechanical, reflexive 'habits' - irrespective of whether they derive from an intellectual, emotional, instinctive, sexual or postural source. I am no more than an automaton, a robot.


When I can 'sense' the body - connect the attention to the organic sensations of the life of the body - I become more 'present'. This presence brings a wondrous property, in that, more free and available 'attention' enters consciousness, allowing the capacity for true choice. Any other state of consciousness is simply 'sleep' where no choice is possible - reduced to being a slave to the impulses flowing through the body and the influences from outside impacting it.

Free Will is a luxury of the human condition, and can only be paid for by spiritual efforts. The real question becomes, What efforts are needed?


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