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Types of spiritual seekers

There are, broadly, four types of spiritual seekers that are commonly found in today's western world:

1. The Perpetual Tourist

The most common seeker samples everything from the smorgasboard of the spiritual marketplace. Their knowledge is expansive but they never really feast on any one thing and, as such, are always dissatisfied and in need of the next adventure.

It is mainly fear that prevents them from going deeper, so it is easier to just go wider in search of 'experiences'.


The Perpetual Tourist is like someone on a cold night constantly circling a campfire but believing they are moving towards it - left only to wonder why they can never get warm.


2. The Enlightened Technologist

The next most common seeker consumes and hoards every form of technique, practice and discipline hoping that by accumulating a big enough 'bag of tricks' they will reach enlightenment.

They may appear to be a 'spiritual specialist' but this specialisation is just that, special, narrow and confined. It is mainly their worship of spiritual technology that prevents them from going any further.


The Enlightened Technologist is like someone who is constantly at the gym, training in a fervent sweat, but never questions why or what it is all for?


3. The Mystic Junkie

Becoming increasingly common is the seeker that is always looking for the cheap and easy 'highs' - trying to find a short-cut to cosmic consciousness.

They are prone to a great deal of fantasy about the 'beyond' and themselves, and avoid anything that looks like responsibility in the 'name of' spiritual development.


The Mystic Junkie is like someone with an unhealthy addiction - they'll do whatever it takes to get that next high, no matter who they hurt, especially themselves.


4. The Good Householder

The least common seeker is one who understands that duty and responsibility are necessary to fulfil their part in life but never truly believes that's all there is. Innately, they know that hard work and sacrifice are the only ways to achieve anything.

Quality is what they seek and are naturally humble. They are ready to do what's needed but often lack the courage and guidance to do it.


The Good Householder is like someone who understands the difference between 'want' and 'need' - between the ease of staying a child and the difficulties of growing up.



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