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Transcendence through the Body

Our bodies are our Bibles as all the energies and forces of the universe flow through it. We need to learn, consciously, to read its scriptures.

In our modern culture, primarily based on cerebral worship, we treat our bodies as a "thing" - something to manipulate, either through exercise, diet or surgery - as if it was a necessary burden for life.

We forget, even dismiss, that our bodies have been on Earth much longer than we have, being formed by all the wondrously complex and beautiful patterns of nature that we dimly understand.

But our bodies can speak to us, if we listen, through the language of "sensations" - often felt as certain qualities of energies, such as warmth, tingling, cold, hot, pressure, pain, for example.

Normally, we are seldom aware of our bodies speaking to us, except in trauma, illness or injury. If we take the time - some patient endurance - to pay attention to sensations, the information and consequential understanding that can be sourced directly to our consciousness is almost limitless.

For example, sensations can speak to us of another time in our ancestry when "movement" was dominate through "kinaesthesia" - that uncanny ability of knowing where your body is in relation to space and time without looking. Try closing your eyes and hold your right arm out in front of you at 90 degrees. A deceptively simple task that belies the mystery of how you did it - you and your body just "knew".

Sensations can speak loudly to the importance of "touch". Our skin - the integumentary system - is the largest and most complex sensory organ in the body - even more than eyes and ears. We can literally hear (through vibrations) and see (sense infrared - "heat/cold" energy) with our skin. Even the field of electromagnetic energy from other bodies can be sensed.


Many spiritual traditions teach that transcendence means going "beyond" the body, leaving the flesh or materiality behind, occupying those sublime spaces of pure intellect. This is madness and breeds all sorts of fantasies completely uncoupled from reality. The journey to go beyond the body must transit its way through the body, deeply experiencing and understanding the sensations, energies and forces at the foundation of our Being. Only then can everything be "revealed" that allows transcendence to truly transcend - otherwise, the journey is short-lived or endlessly trapped on the carousel of the mind.


The language of sensations is subtle, and beyond what the intellect can describe, but intimately entangled with every moment of living.

Truly understanding our lives as a Being requires us getting to know our Being from the "inside", from the energies we glimpse in the consciousness of our perception as sensations. Here, words are less important than the experience, and feelings more important than the words trying to capture them - yet are all needed.

Perhaps, if we could see, feel and sense the cosmic laws etched into our bodies as a visceral experience - a reading of our own veritable "Book of Life" - we might understand ourselves and others in a new way.


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