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If you have faith in your body, you have faith in God

Literally, everyone relies almost solely on the innate intelligence of their physical bodies to keep them alive.

We have such a complete and almost 'blind faith' in our bodies that we rarely reflect that if just a tiny fraction of the trillions of complex and finely-tuned electrochemical and spatiotemporal interactions occurring at every moment were to fail that catastrophe is guarranteed, leading to injury, illness or death.

If our bodies are a direct product of the laws (workings) of the universe, should we not also have the same faith in that innate (and vastly greater) intelligence of the universe as well?

If not, What prevents us? What is it that constrains a tangible faith in our own body to move one logical step to a tangible faith in the universe that created it?


What evidence would satisfy you that God exists?

An appropriate response to this question necessitates not relying on any external evidence as modern technology has the ability to imitate, exceptionally well, all potential 'signs and wonders'. We must, therefore, rely more so on a rigorous internal methodology to derive such evidence, if it exists. The Gurdjieff Work is one such methodology.



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