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The First and Second Conscious Shocks in Soul creation

If I wish to 'remember myself' - to be conscious of myself - then which 'self' do I wish to remember?

The foundation of creating a Soul is providing the requisite nutrition (qualities of energies) for its growth, without which, a Soul has little chance of any normal development. The critical 'catalysts' for this nutrition, according to Gurdjieff, is the First and Second Conscious Shocks.

The First Conscious Shock (the 'mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In') of Gurdjieff's system, is the ability to "Self-Remember" - that is, to literally connect all of my parts together as one 'Self'. This is done through directly sensing (i.e., paying attention to the sensations) of all the energies, forces and parts of the physical body, simultaneously. The more I can do this, and sustain it, the more all of the connected parts begin to form or 'fuse' together into one whole - a true 'SELF'.


Sensing the body - paying attention to the organic sensations of our physicality - is not, in reality, sensing the body at all, but a coming into contact with a reality that stands behind the body, separating it from the mish-mash of impressions we usually call our consciousness. The separating, refining and strengthening process of the connection between one's attention and the sensation (or reflection) of another reality, produces the infrastructure of another body - the Kesdjan or Astral Body. This process cannot be fabricated, and its properties can be felt and validated from those who have genuinely strived and created something real in themselves.

The establishment of real Faith, Hope and Love can only come through the Second Conscious Shock.

The Second Conscious Shock (the 'intentionally-actualized Mdnel-In') can only be effectively achieved after a thorough grounding in the First Conscious Shock. This is because preparation in the First Conscious Shock produces, among other things, an ability to control (in various degrees) the physiology of reactions (emotions) needed for the Second Conscious Shock.

The Second Conscious Shock occurs, at least in part, when one can intentionally produce in oneself genuine "higher feeling-states" closely associated with what is experienced as remorse, humble awe and piety for example, that, by virtue of the qualities of these feelings, can work directly against the capriciousness of the 'Ego' - that is, the fictitious sense of self that is rooted in nothing more than the fragmented overgrowth of personality and its consequential negative properties.


Only when I can step out of my emotional reactions through the First Conscious Shock, can I begin to influence my feeling-states through the Second Conscious Shock. The sustained actualisation of the Second Conscious Shock prepares the way for God to directly enter my life.

The First Conscious Shock is activated by 'thought' through the physical body and the Second Conscious Shock by 'feeling' through the physical body. With enough Shocks and enough nutrition, another body can grow.


Ο σχολιασμός έχει απενεργοποιηθεί.
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