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Spiritual Energy - elimination for Soul creation

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We may have regular meals every day, and take breaths every few seconds, but the energy of impressions does not miss a moment.

The antithesis of spiritual nutrition for Soul creation is the 'elimination' of unwanted energies or waste products that can spoil the growth and development of the Soul. Gurdjieff's crude but accurate nomenclature of "the three shits" identifies the elimination of these waste products:

The First Elimination the normal excretion of faeces and urine well known to modern physiology - the waste products of the lower part of the Soul - the physical body.

Without regular elimination, induced by a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle, toxins build-up in the body contributing to a range of diseases and dysfunctions.

It is the first obligation of a responsible human being to know and understand what their body really needs - from the 'inside out' - and not what they 'think' it needs.


The mouth is just the other end of the anus, with the entire alimentary canal existing 'outside' the body. The knowledge of excretion is just as important as the knowledge of digestion in keeping the body healthy and providing a scaffold for further Soul development.


The Second Elimination the regulation of the expression of the sexual function - the waste products of the middle part of the Soul - the astral or kesdjan body.

The natural (and automatic) completion of the digestion of ordinary food and drink - assisted by the digestion of the 'food of Air' - produces a certain quantity of sexual energy every day.

If this energy is not used in procreative or spiritually productive purposes, it devolves or decomposes, that can result in various psychological and psychic disturbances if not eliminated healthily.

There is no prescription on the regularity of manifesting sexual function. For some, they need sex every day. For others, maybe every few days or weeks. In every case, it is the second obligation of a responsible human being to know and understand what their sexual function really needs - from an 'inner taste' - and not what is simply 'fashionable'.


Perverse sexual desires and fetishes are like the results of eating bad food, what goes in is reflected in what comes out.


The Third Elimination the rejection of impressions collected in the cerebellum and connected with the energy of imagination - the waste products of the higher part of the Soul - and eliminated through the appropriate use of breathing.

The energy of impressions - electromagnetic and quantum in nature - keep the entire organism 'innervated'. Those impressions that are unable to be digested and reconciled, either consciously or unconsciously, must be eliminated, otherwise, psychic trauma, even death, can ensue.

The movement of breathing, like the peristaltic action of the bowel and intestines, can support the expelling of the waste product of impressions if used consciously. It is the third obligation of a responsible human being to know and understand the 'taste' of impressions, and how the rhythm of the body's breath can help to support their digestion and elimination.


All experience is impressions. All impressions are movements or vibrations of energy outside the solidity of the material world. In this sense, experience is a symphony - music that we need to listen to and embody if we are to be an instrument of creation.

Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. Matthew 15:11 KJV.


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