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Soul and Death - Part 4 - Soul as the 'Software' of the Universe

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Why the Soul? What purpose does it serve in the Universe?

Broadly, the construct of the Soul is, at least, 'electromagnetic' in nature. Even physiologically, all our molecular, chemical and neurological exchanges are facilitated by electromagnetic dynamics. Life could not be alive without it. Considering the universe is mostly filled with electromagnetic energy, in a true sense, we are 'Beings of Light'.

A way to look at Soul creation is as the 'incarnating and liberating of light' - a process that collects 'information' (impressions) along its journey that, if sufficiently formatted or integrated (reconciled), has the possibility to merge back with its source. But why?

Like a computer program, or networked software, 'feedback' loops are required to constantly monitor, amend and regulate the 'hardware/software' for optimization. Otherwise, 'bugs', 'viruses', or 'malware' proliferate in a highly complex system, leading to potential catastrophic error and hardware failure.

So too, Soul creation operates like a 'feedback' loop to support the administration of the universe. The potential for successive transformation through different levels of being by conscious efforts is like collecting and organizing critical information to progressively reconcile it before interfacing with its source and informing further creation - a veritable 'ecology of consciousness'.

A fully formed Soul, then, has a key role to play in the function of the universe. Our individual importance in its participation becomes clearer - our efforts are needed, not just for ourselves, but for everything.


All religions and authentic spiritual doctrines are emphatic on the 'hierarchy' of the universe, in that, entities, such as angels and archangels, are needed to manage the cosmos. God, like a good CEO of a Company, may direct and intervene where necessary, but it is the 'middle management' that are best placed to handle local situations. The cosmos becomes like a great organization in need of constant attention by all its constituent parts.



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