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Soul and Death - Part 3 - the 'second death'

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

If the first death has been completed consciously, the sensitized body can now live without the constraints of a materialized existence. Its freedom of movement and form is almost unimaginable.

Like dreams, where we can instantly 'be', 'inhabit' and 'go' wherever we wish, the sensitized body, in a sense, is not a body at all. It is better to describe it as an 'instrument of being', similar to 'air'.

Air can occupy no space or every space. It can be breathed by every living creature but still not be a part of any creature. Air can be a few molecules to a planetary atmosphere. Its degree of freedom is enormous yet, at the same time, its 'air' - one unified whole that gives itself freely.

Like air, or even dreams, the sensitized body must obey natural laws. At the very least, it must be subject to the conditioning influence of any 'entity-like structure' - that is, its possibilities decrease with successive actualization.

Any entity - including images, thoughts, feelings, sensations - must be nourished and regulated. As the sensitized body is such an entity, it is subject to the same laws though nourished and regulated by an energetic dynamic beyond life.

After a time, or a very long time, the sensitized body must disintegrate, or die in order for the higher part of the Soul - the integrated 'Will' of Attention - to transition to its final dwelling place and return to its source. Again, we see that the highest part of the Soul completes is coalescence at the 'expense' of the sensitized body.

The identity of the sensitized body 'imprints' itself on the highest part of the Soul as it dissolves. The 'Will of Attention' - with its accumulated and integrated 'results' of the 'choices' created through its journey of existence - has the possibility of re-blending from whence it came.


Verifying the degree of 'independence' of voluntary attention from the perceptual and cognitive functions of consciousness can be achieved through a number of spiritual disciplines and also directed and structured experience of psychedelics - such as Ceremonial Ayahuasca.



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