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Letter of Advice - Human Life

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Fuller Investment & Business Advisory F.I.B.A. LLC 123 Happy Lane Abundance UI 8571

Ms Hope Young 21 Seeker Drive Innocent UX 1428

Dear Ms Young

Advice regarding investment in the ‘Human Life Product’ Thank you for engaging our firm’s advisory services. We are looking forward to serving you as much as we have served your ancestors.

As requested, this letter provides advice regarding investment in the new Human Life Product (“Product”) offered by Biosphere Enterprises (“BE”), a publicly listed organization on Earth.

We have reviewed the BE Prospectus and Human Life Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) that describes BE’s objectives and structure, and the Product’s design and outcomes. Additionally, while we have been unable to contact BE’s management or their parent organization — ‘Solar Enterprises’ — we have undertaken extensive consultation with leading investment experts.

At your insistence, we have also reviewed the research of Mr G.I.Gurdjieff (formerly of Earth) and your notes from various meetings with him relevant to our enquiries. We regret to inform you that this research provided nothing of value and, moreover, was thoroughly discredited by our experts.

In relation to the BE Product, it is worth highlighting investor obligations as summarized below:

(1) On successful application and payment, investors are required to enter into a newly formed Product (refer to Section 3 “the Body” in the PDS);

(2) On entering the Product, investors are required to progressively occupy it and participate in all of its activities (refer to Section 6 “Living” in the PDS) until full investment maturity; and

(3) On completion of full investment maturity, investors are required to exit the Product via compulsory cessation (refer to Section 9 “Death” in the PDS).

With the above in mind, we are now in a position to present our key recommendation and findings:

(1) It is strongly recommended that you do not invest in the Product.

(2) Our recommendation in (1) is based on the requirement that each investor is to devote absolutely all of their time, energy and effort into the Product’s activities that will provide absolutely no return on investment.

(3) Further to (2), everything that has not already been invested at the cessation of the Product will be immediately sequestered, securing a total loss of all investment contributions, such as capital or periodic payment efforts.

Our firm cannot stress enough the utter absurdity of the investment offering. There is simply no rewards for investors, and everything to be gained for BE and its parent organization.

We do acknowledge that BE undertakes, at their expense, the construction of the Product that is provided free of charge to investors. However, the PDS also states that there is a ‘no return policy’ for Product damage or dysfunction and that it will be repossessed (irrespective of condition) on cessation. In plain English, all assets return to BE.

In assessing the provision of our advice, we have also considered your interest in the Product that has been motivated by your engagement with Mr G.I.Gurdjieff. In this context, if you still wish to pursue this opportunity against our advice, we recommend the following mitigation strategies to provide for a more tolerable investor experience:

(1) Satisfy immediate Product activity (refer to Section 3.1 “desires” in the PDS) that will help produce investor experiences of ‘pleasure’ and ‘enjoyment’ that will arrest attention moving in the direction of investment consequences.

(2) Avoid anything that prevents immediate satisfaction of Product activity that will help to reduce investor experiences of ‘suffering’ as suffering will only serve to move attention in the direction contrary to (1).

(3) Avoid the propensity to question, enquire or investigate anything in relation to (1) and (2) that will help to ensure that Product activity is not disturbed and suffering kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, we highly recommend to not form relationships with any other Products beyond what is necessary to satisfy (1) and (2) above as they will be eventually terminated; and to not allow any reproduction of the Product as investors in the reproduction(s) will also be condemned to the same fate.

We believe that the above mitigation strategies will serve to dramatically reduce (if not entirely eliminate) any investor awareness of the consequences of the investment well before Product cessation.

We can provide further details on the strategies, however, in order to save time and cost, we recommend that an internet search under ‘reality TV shows of Earth’ will provide an abundance of detailed material.

Alternatively, our firm has recently come across an exciting investment opportunity that we believe would be well suited to you. ‘Worldly Enterprises’ (a privately listed organization on the Earth’s Moon) is offering a new investment product called ‘Complete Bliss’ at a discounted rate for all first time investors.

In our view, Complete Bliss is the ultimate investment opportunity. While similar in structure to the BE Product, Complete Bliss ensures absolutely all returns on investment and assets are retained by investors.** In plain English, all rewards are yours! But this offer won’t last long.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions in relation to our advice or, more importantly, the Complete Bliss opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Ego Fuller Managing Director

** For disclosure purposes required under Cosmic Law, F.I.B.A. LLC receives commissions on all and every product sold to investors from Worldly Enterprises. Please note that terms and conditions apply to the Complete Bliss Product offering, including, but not limited to, the condition that every investor provides a guarantee, underwritten by all the investor’s descendants, that all investment returns and assets are to be held in custody by investors in perpetuity.


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