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Final Chapter of "The Cleaners - An Adventure in Filth"

'If cleaning stops, everything stops.' The Cleaners

The next few days were nervous ones—on guard as to any repercussions from the M.O.G. But there was nothing. I was certain we’d be hunted down like criminals. Even at work I heard nothing from Northwood, it was business as usual.

My imagination was rampant, paranoia was setting in. I managed to speak to Rick and Mr Pasha. While concerned, they suspected the M.O.G. was leaving us alone, to see what we would do next. It was a certainty that we were being watched.

“Why not destroy us?” I asked Rick. “We’ve completely ruined their plans.”

“We do not know. Maybe they are waiting like last time, seeing what we do, hoping complacency grows, or an opportunity to strike.”

“Last time?” I queried.

“If there is another arrival, they will be better prepared…and so shall we,” stated Mr Pasha. “Each time they get stronger. Their sponsors are unknown and their resources are infinitely greater than ours.”

“How can we possibly win against that?” I asked.

“It is not about winning. It is about Being. What the forces of filth, of darkness, are incapable of understanding is that true Being, an indestructible creation, cannot be fabricated. It cannot be manipulated for some egoistic purpose.

“The only danger is that the genuine light of Being is smothered by so much filth that it is not able to shine where it is needed most. This is why cleaning must continue.

“The human condition is like a glass window. Becoming dirty is inevitable, even lawful with the mercilessness of time. But the relentless work to clean even a small spot, an infinitesimal speck, is enough to let through a ray of light. While this means nothing to the thick layers of dirt that have accumulated, to the room inside, it is illumination.”

I continued with my job, though not as attached to it as I was before. I managed to find another company and subsequent building for the Cleaners to further their work.

Kel and I became devoted to each other. I slowly began making myself more available, becoming more involved in the inner life of the Cleaners.

I witnessed and learned many things that only showed how much more I have to witness and learn. The unseen forces and energies that move the world are truly miraculous, if only I can see them, feel them and sense them. They are more material than materiality, more substantial than substance.

For me, what the child gave, what was imparted to us, is still a mystery. Yet, a feeling grows, a quiet confidence in something much deeper, much bigger. No matter what challenges lie ahead, what consequences are needed to endure, it is this feeling that has the capacity to respond accordingly. It is the greatest gift of life.

About a year after our close encounter with the M.O.G and contact with the child, there was an ‘exchange’ in our new premises. Towards the end of the meeting, in quietness, my attention was drawn upwards, to the roof-top of the building.

As usual, Kel approached and asked what was up. I spoke to her about it, and she said she felt it too, and suggested we investigate together.

We followed our feelings and took the evaluator to the top floor and found our way to the stairs that led to the roof. We didn’t see anything at first, but the feeling moved us onwards.

As we walked around we saw a young man, sobbing, and standing on the edge of the roof. He was tittering, about to jump to an inevtiable death.

My heart sank, and a profound calmness ensued. I quietly but quickly approached so as not to startle, and whispered, “That will be difficult to clean up.”



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