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Aliens, Angels, Gurdjieff and Christ - implications for Soul Creation

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

There can be no doubt that Gurdjieff, Christ and the Biblical authors had conviction that 'Alien' or 'Extra-Terrestrial' presences - let alone God - govern the administration of the universe. And that the purpose of spiritual work and Soul creation is to enable a higher form of communication with these presences in order to co-operate and collaborate in the unfolding of the cosmic drama.


Gurdjieff's "Diagram of Everything Living" (as recorded by Piotr Ouspensky's 'In Search of the Miraculous') and his book "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson", and the Bible's "Divine Council" are replete with the Elohim, angels, archangels, devils, demons, seraphim and cherubim - "messengers" and "entities" who communicate with, and influence the destiny of individuals and humankind to ensure the workings of the Creator's plan.


In it is interesting that, in the last sixty years, the 'Ancient Alien' hypothesis has gained popularity as an explanator of many of the ancient records of encounters with mysterious beings and unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP/UFO). This modern form of the proposition that extra-terrestrial intelligences have been guiding humanity's development echo the heeds of all ancient scriptures.

What is even more interesting is that, over the last decade, the U.S. intelligence agencies (such as the CIA, FBI and NSA) have released volumes of declassified documents relating to their UAP/UFO investigations. Of critical significance, is the U.S. Pentagon's recent confirmation of the existence of UAPs/UFOs of unknown origin with the release of declassified military evidence after decades of denial.


It is curious that there seems to be a resurgence of interest - even an imperative - to explore the realities of extra-terrestrial influences in a unique period of human history. If we ever hope to communicate with higher intelligences meaningfully, we need to develop the appropriate instruments that enable it. In this regard, the creation of a Soul - the instrument of a developed consciousness - becomes much more than our own salvation. It is a critical bridge, not only between 'them' and 'us', but between 'Heaven' and 'Earth' itself.


There comes a point in the long work of Soul creation when I must differentiate, precisely, all the 'impressions and influences' that enter my consciousness originating from three different worlds - that is, those 'impressions and influences' that I receive:

(1) from the 'outside' - the external world around me;

(2) from the 'inside' - the internal world within me; and

(3) that do not originate from either of the first two.

When I obtain a discipline regarding this differentiation, and the creative energy (Exioëhary) is allowed to move harmoniously within, only then, can a form of communication and collaboration begin with intelligences of a higher order.


In religious terms, 'angels and demons' are seen as foreign agents relentlessly 'messaging' their ideals directly into the contents of our consciousness. Spiritual work on oneself, then, becomes a matter of struggling with the 'contents' - willfully accepting the angels and rejecting the demons - but in either case, with a clear cognizance that the 'contents' are foreign, and not to be trusted unless their truth is verified first.



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