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Briefing to the World Government

Updated: May 6, 2022

Number: SSABDGM142857

Title: Critical human development issues regarding their search for meaning and fulfilment of their purpose

To: Secretary for Intelligence, World Government

From: Solar System Administration Branch of the Department of Galactic Management

Date: 223.21 Objective Time



1. The purpose of this document is to Brief the Secretary on:

a. critical human development issues regarding their search for meaning and fulfilment of their purpose;

b. its impact on solar ecology and intelligence gathering efforts of the Department of Galactic Management ("DGM"); and

c. to provide recommendations for decision.


2. It is recommended that you:

a. note the Brief for posterity;

b. approve, on completion of successful trials, the vaccine developed by the working group to inoculate the human condition against ‘Egoism’; and

c. note that the Solar System Administration Branch ("SSAB") will provide an update on the delivery strategy and efficacy of the inoculation program prior to seeking approval for implementation.


Non-human intervention causing human devolution

3. As a result of catastrophic celestial events during the adolescence of Solar System 963.369 ("the Solar System"), the Department of Science and Engineering ("DSE") was compelled to intervene in the evolution of ‘human beings’ on one of its planets identified locally as ‘Earth’ (refer to previous brief SSABDGM714285).

4. While DSE intervention was deemed necessary by the World Government to avoid long-term disharmony of the Solar System, there have been some unintended consequences for human evolution.

5. After Earth’s last Ice Age, DSE’s Martian observatory noted gradual changes in human function resulting in the significant loss of capacity to directly perceive their sacred responsibilities.

6. Consequently, they are also losing the capacity to participate in these responsibilities which are the primary source of their search for meaning, and subsequent nourishment and crystallisation for their higher forms of intelligence to fulfil their purpose in the cosmos.

7. The DSE, in conjunction with the SSAB, has coordinated efforts with Earth to ensure measures for appropriate biosphere adaptions have been made to sustain Solar System balance.

8. Some of these measures include DGM Field Agents periodically deployed to Earth to support rectification strategies.

9. Field Agents’ mission has been to seed behavioural inclinations and practical enterprises to support the development of perceptual faculties to recognise and understand their human responsibilities, with a view to return human evolution to a normal trajectory to progress the cosmic agenda.

10. While the Field Agents’ actions have resulted in varying degrees of success, the exponential growth of the human population, combined with the significant decline in the diversity of other species of their planet, has made this endeavour increasingly susceptible to catastrophic failure.

The growth of Egoism

11. Significantly adding to the concerns of human beings not fulfilling their sacred purpose has been the sharp increase in the pathology of ‘Egoism.’ The DSE defines Egoism as the:

‘…constant denial of all other existences except one’s own and/or the constant affirmation of one’s own existence at the expense of all others…’

12. While Egoism exists nowhere else in the Universe, its proliferation on Earth is now considered to be ‘virus-like’ by DSE’s Chief Scientist, who has recommended a vaccine be found immediately.

13. The Chief Scientist’s recommendation is in context that one of the key negative effects of Egoism is its inevitability toward all varieties of excessive violent, depressive and destructive behaviour that significantly inhibits progress of the cosmic agenda.

14. The DSE concludes that the persistence of such behaviour is now impacting the ‘reservoir of human potentiality’, with subsequent accumulative, negative consequences flowing into their descendants, while also undoing the merits of their ancestors, unless a remedy is found.

15. More importantly, the energetic vibrations spreading throughout the Solar System from such malicious forces are now beginning to affect the equilibrium of other planets, and signs of infection are already showing across different forms of life critical for this equilibrium.

Impact on Galactic Administration

16. An important talent pool for DGM’s recruitment of its administrative personnel lies in Solar System 963.369 because of its harsh conditions and intense necessity for sacred responsibilities. Some of the Department’s most outstanding candidates have originated from Earth and now hold senior executive positions.

17. The rise of Egoism and parallel loss of perceptual capability has led to fewer individuals from Earth evolving higher forms of intelligence suitable for the candidate selection process. Subsequently, there will be a shortfall in DGM administrators in the future if candidates cannot be prepared appropriately.

18. While there is recourse to recruit administrators from other Galactic Management Departments, their actionable intelligence does not accord with the experiences acquired from local inhabitants, with mistakes and errors of judgement inevitable at an unacceptable level.

19. As a consequence, recruiting outside candidates would place the performance of DGM at risk and only increase the suffering of the World Government, particularly the President, who must bear all these consequences within themself.


Escalation of the Egoism issue

20. The previous work of Field Agents in supporting the human population had made great strides in achieving a natural inoculation program for Egoism.

21. However, there has been significant degradation of human perceptual ability over recent Earth time because of abnormal conditions cultivated by humans themselves.

22. Overall, the reduction in the capacity of the search for meaning of the species has meant that the ability to increase the requisite quality and quantity of energy to inoculate Egoism on their own accord is rapidly diminishing.

23. As a result, to date, representatives from Mars, Saturn and Jupiter have made several petitions to the SSAB to expedite a treatment program.

24. The DGM is concerned that if matters are not resolved quickly, a Solar System disharmony could result that might require drastic action.

Working Group for the inoculation program

25. A working group was formed composed of representatives of the DGM, DSE and SSAB, including scientists from Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Research has been underway investigating an inoculation program for the human species against Egoism.

26. Preliminary trials of a vaccine have proven successful and work has begun on a delivery strategy. Nullifying the effects of Egoism will allow humans to perceive the reality of their responsibilities and be able to engage fully in the search for meaning to participate in its joy like other normal beings across the Universe.

27. Specifically, the vaccine has been designed to ‘turn off’ the perceptual inhibitors of reality intrinsic to Egoism. This will provide a natural and constant cognizance of the inevitability of their own ‘death’ and the death of everyone else in whom their eyes or attention rests.

28. The delivery strategy will be designed to expedite inoculation and may cause major disturbances in the human population as they begin to exercise their questioning and contemplative capacity after a long period of dormancy, and to bear the consequences of past misdeeds in their body of feelings.

29. It is anticipated that with help and support from the SSAB and the broader Solar System community, the disturbances should be short-lived as the tempo and proper functioning of human beings return to a more or less normal state.

30. The working group considers that it is only by this intentional and short-term suffering that human beings can avoid the unworthy and longer-term effects on their species and the Earth as a whole.

31. Ultimately, only the conscious participation of human beings in their individual and collective search for meaning and purpose will allow the treatment program to become a success and restore them to their rightful and much needed place in the cosmos.

32. If it cannot be ascertained whether they are willing to pay the price for such an intervention, it is recommended that the Secretary for Intelligence directly petition the President of the World Government to enable a cosmic solution to be found and implemented before the unnatural consequences of Egoism infect the rest of the Universe.



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