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Beginnings of a search - deserts of despair

There seems to be a law that before I am able to seek a different quality of life I must first recognize, organically, the barrenness of the one I have. This is not easy but, without it, I fail to open to the possibility of another reality.

Here, being lost in the deserts of despair can be commonplace, no matter how 'successful' I appear on the outside. I see myself saying and doing a thousand things that I do not wish to say or do, but I say and do them anyway.

A slave to everything around me. Deep in sleep with no means to wake up. My life becomes a trail of destroyed relationships, particularly with myself.

Only when the inner world is starving, thirsty, desperate for food, can a feeling arise to find a way through the chaos. But how?

For some, modern science, religion and philosophy promise much but provide little. These folk need a way of search that is both practical - based on a total science and a complete art - that leaves nothing out.

The 'Work' brought by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff is one such way. I recognize that alone, searching is limited at best, delusional at worst. However, together, in the company of genuine seekers, something more is possible.


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