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The 100th Post....Where to from here?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Dear Reader,

I wanted to stop and thank you for your enduring persistence with the material from this blogsite. It truly is an heroic effort, for few people can bare the relentless 'ego assault' that the system of Gurdjieff and teachings of Christ offer - particularly in a modern world where spiritual development is built on endless forms of self gratification, intellectual competitiveness, and the mutually refined skill of "blowing smoke up each other's arses".

For me, I have been fortunate to have met and worked with many remarkable people. I cannot thank them enough, and feel suitably unqualified to even try and repay some of the compassion shown to me through the publishing of these blogs. Nevertheless, I must try.

In this context, the first post was published on 14 December 2020. This is now the 100th post. The quantum of blogs was to first satisfy an aim to publish enough relevant material as to provide a sufficient analytical sample size that, when evaluated, would give a sense of a future direction. I can safely say that this objective has been realised.

Second, it was my heartfelt wish that this experimental material might be able to support, in some degree, the reader's inner search. And, furthermore, a work towards that unique consciousness defined by the creation of a fully articulated and material Soul.

In any authentic spiritual discipline, it is not by idle speculations but by hard won facts that sustains an inner search - for the foundation of true faith is built upon the rock of experiential verification. I must, little by little, understand what it is I seek, and I can understand what I seek only when I have experienced it. Here lies the spiritual conundrum - experience must come first, understanding later - both are needed and both are hazardous.

So, all of what has been written in these blogs comes from personal experience and long study. If you feel that the blogsite has been of some help, I sincerely ask that you provide others access to it in an effort to support their search. But I warn you, opening questions about the Soul - particularly your own or people that you know - is exceptionally dangerous and exceptionally liberating. So tread carefully.

If this material proves to be objectively unworthy, then I pray to receive unimaginable sufferings so that I might be purified from that relentless and tyrannical egoism that forms itself when unconsciously leading others astray. In this case, quickly unsubscribe or have this blogsite blocked in your browser, and forget anything that you have ever read on it. Indeed, start a social media campaign directed at destroying any and all of its digital presence.

With that being said, I wish you good journey and wait for the silent echo that gives a sense of "Where to from here?" in the tradition of that venerable teacher, "Mullah Nassr Eddin".**

God Bless


**A Tale from Mullah Nassr Eddin - 'Where to from here?'

One morning, while strolling through his village, Mullah Nassr Eddin was approached by a young man who looked rather dishevelled.

The young man said, with an air of desperation, "Dear and kind sir, you look to me like a man long in years and even longer in wisdom! Would you be able to help me? I have journeyed a great deal and are now searching for a way to the next village. Where to from here?"

After pondering in thoughtful gaze for a considerable time, while gently stroking his lengthy and greying beard, the Mullah looked directly at the young man and said, "I will help you, no matter what it costs, for I, too, have been in your position and have very much appreciated the practical assistance of others!"

The Mullah continued, "Now, if you start from here, and go straight ahead down this road and turn left...." Then the Mullah suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and began to ponder thoughtfully again, stroking his inevitable beard.

The young man, obviously concerned by the Mullah's pause and deep consideration, simply asked, "What is the matter sir?"

Again, the Mullah turned to the young man and said, "No. I was unwise to give you that direction. Now, listen carefully, if you start from here, and go straight ahead down this road and turn right...." Then the Mullah suddenly stopped once more in mid-sentence and began to ponder so thoughtfully that sweat was running down his forehead, while the stroking of his beard proceeded with unprecedented, youthful vigour.

Perplexed, the young man looked at the Mullah nervously and expectantly.

Then the Mullah awoke from his trance-like state and said, "No. No. Again, I was unwise to give you that direction. Now, listen carefully once more, if you start from here, and go straight ahead down this road and keep going...." Then the Mullah suddenly stopped with such a force in mid-sentence he almost fell over, while shouting "No. No. No!!".

After a heavy silence, looking up to the heavens, and clasping his hands in supplication, the Mullah poised as if waiting for a sign. Then, when a deep calmness came over him, he gently turned to the young man and in a sombre tone exclaimed, "If I were you, I wouldn't start from here!".


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