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The second sign of Soul formation - a 'sensitized body'

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

In parallel, and building on the first sign that one is progressing to support harmonized Soul creation, is the 'second sign' - which is when one has consciously developed the ability to intentionally direct one's attention to contact the 'organic sensations' of any part of the body unaided. This begins with 'sensing' parts of the body at first, then progressing to sustain a whole sensation of the body 'at will'.

The experience associated with contacting organic sensations may be 'warmth' or 'tingling' or 'visceral energy flow'. It is very concrete and unmistakable once practiced, and common to everyone. In any case, contact with organic sensations produces a change in the state of one's being that is accompanied by a new feeling of oneself that is also unmistakable and universal.


Sometimes intense contact with organic sensations of the body may occur 'automatically' in traumatic or highly stressful situations. The pulsation of blood, movement of muscles and tensions, rhythm of the breath, and heat, sound and light, and all other primal, and deep visceral impressions become exceptionally alive and, moreover, never forgotten. To an extent, this explains why traumatic or deep experiences, which are almost always accompanied by a strong connection with sensations, have such a significant impact on our lives.


Conscious self-sensing of the body takes years of practice under all sorts of conditions. Once mastered, the natural energies of the body that are liberated from 'relaxation' (the first sign) are able to blend with, and crystallize the organic sensations - creating a 'vehicle', 'vessel' or 'container' of raw consciousness that is identified as the 'middle part of the Soul'.

This middle part of the Soul acts like an 'anchor' to ground consciousness where, among other things, practice of non-attachment and non-identification becomes possible. Additionally, the middle part of the Soul, constructed from the elements of consciousness itself (intention, attention and sensation), is able to eventually form a 'body' of its own and separate from the physical body and also connect with the higher part of the Soul.


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