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The "I"?

The "I" sits in the center of consciousness, anchored beyond the inner world - a lens, a bridge, between realities.

For those who have consciously developed a defined "I", it is 'the source' of true voluntary attention - an attention that wholly embraces the sensations of the body, the energy of feelings and the potency of thoughts towards an actionable ideal.

For those without a defined "I", the sources of attention can only be fragmentary, involuntary, and distributed among the many selves of the personality - an attention too weak to resist or re-direct desires and passions, and too easily captured by anything that passes by.

A defined "I" is not disturbed by the distortion of perceptions through drugs or alcohol or energetic events, as it remains firm. It is unconcerned by the contents of consciousness that float by like clouds in the sky.

I must demarcate this "I" for myself, know that it is there - that it is more substantial than my body, and more enduring. I must separate it from everything else. Finally, I must trust its role as witness and medium between worlds. Only then, when I have a real, tangible faith in "I", can it find its place in me.


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