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John Bennett's "Next Age of Mind" - the nexus of Christianity, Islam and Gurdjieff in the Parousia

Click HERE for the final 10 pages of John Bennett's Magnum Opus, "The Dramatic Universe" (Volume IV History. Claymont Communications, Charles Town, West Virginia, Chapter 50 – The Next Age of Mind. Section 17.50.6 – Acts of Will, pages 425-435. First Printed in 1966 and published by Claymont in 1987). It includes the original Footnotes, and I have provided Endnotes (not included in the original) to help explain some specific terms to better understand the text.

These concluding thoughts by John Bennett, heavily influenced by Gurdjieff, bring a unique perspective on the operations of 'Will', the unfolding of the Parousia, the reconciliation between Islamic and Christian Theology with regards to the Holy Trinity and the nature of Christ, and the direction of the future, spiritual evolution of humanity.


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